fatzebra.org is my personal portfolio as illustrator, artist and designer. Here you'll find my works in digital and 'analog' art as well as illustrations, storyboards, acrylic and oil paintings, drawings, sketches, website designs, ui designs, icon designs, wallpaintings, tattoo-designs and comic colorations.


...I do for you?

I have paintings to sell, want one?
I do Illustrations as well
and I'd love to get your stuff designed!

You could also have me design a set of icons for you, or even do web- and printdesign.

Maybe, if you're a hero, you would like a tattoo designed by me?
Or should I even do a wallpainting for you?


... you see that stuff?

Right here!

...and who the...

... am I? ;)

My name is Ella. I live and work in Vienna. I do digital and analog drawings, paintings and design.

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